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Unlocking HR Value and Strategic Impact

Introducing the HR Value Framework

Line Managers are the key to employee experience

But how much time are your line managers actually spending on people management?

The ABC of Objective Setting

We invest so much time in objective setting discussions. How can we create ownership and unlock performance from these conversations?

When is it time to call HR?

Your business is growing, it’s been your ideas, your hard work and your values that have got it there. But now you have a new challenge. You need to employ people to help you deliver that vision, it could be five, ten or even fifty people by now.

The Forgotten Discipline of Collective Employee Relations

It often seems that Employee Relations is the poor relation of the HR profession which is odd given the number of days lost to collective disputes on the UK’s railways, in our hospitals and indeed in the private sector in recent years.

Can your business really afford to do without HR?

Persuading SME’s to invest in HR support can often be an uphill struggle. HR can feel like a distraction, an unnecessary expense. When you are focused on growing your business, it is easy to take the view that if something is not broken, why fix it.

Mike Hood

Hood People Solutions is an HR and people management consultancy founded by Mike Hood who has over 20 years’ experience as an HR Director in the UK and internationally. All work will be carried out by Mike or by trusted colleagues with equivalent experience who Mike has previously worked with.

Mike Hood has helped organizations build and implement people strategies that engage and inspire people and improve business performance across multiple sectors in the UK and internationally. Mike’s passion is helping organizations to unlock the potential of their people to build better businesses.

Mike’s experience is that, irrespective of organizational size and sector, the fundamentals of great people management are the same for any organization. It starts with ensuring that people management priorities and practices are aligned with and enable the organization’s business strategy. The second differentiator is ensuring that people management practices complement one another in offering an engaging employee experience that will attract and retain the people that the organization needs to implement its strategy. Finally, it’s critical that people managers are equipped to and held accountable for delivering the people management practices to bring to life that employee experience for every colleague, every day.

Mike also has deep experience in managing employee relations in both unionised and non-union workplaces, helping organizations recognise and mitigate employee relations risks and both stay connected with their people and build effective relationships with recognised trade unions at local and national level.

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